Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

Peep Show - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Went to see the rock opera Spring Awakening on Broadway this weekend. It's a fantastic show. However, for those of outside New York, you'll probably need to come to the City to see it. The show's just a little too frank about teenage angst and sexuality for Peoria. We followed the show with an early dinch (dinner+lunch??) at The Modern's Bar Room, which is like The Modern Restaurant, but affordable, while still being cool. The food (for me, Arctic Char Tartare and Spice Crusted Colorado Lamb Loin) was fantastic and the service good, which solidified The Modern Restaurant as a member of my short-list for my next "occassion dinner."

Still dealing with the shin-splints. Now I've tried both slowing down and cutting mileage. It no longer matters for next week's Half, since I now need to make an emergency trip back to the Ky for the second half of this week. However, the leg pain during the early part of my runs (i.e., my legs stop hurting after a warm-up) is still annoying.

Week of 3/26: 33.2 miles, 5 days, 11.3 long run.
Week of 4/2: 21.6 miles, 3 days, 11.3 long run (at 7:43 pace).