Sunday, November 04, 2007


Today's the big day.

Weather's looking pretty good? Check, except for a slight WNW wind at 5-10mph.
Shoes packed? Check.
Breakfast down? Check.
Coffee? Brewing, check.
Bag packed? Check.
Pacing plan in place? Check. (7:45 over the Verz Bridge, 6:55 down the back, 7:10s through the flats in Brooklyn, and then hang tough through Manhattan's hillier terrain)

The training for this marathon's been . . . up and down. Most weeks after August I was about 10% off from the same point last year. I also had about four weeks with zeros and no formalized speedwork worth mentioning. On the other hand, I still had several weeks that hit 50 mpw, 5 20+ mile runs, a ton of "progression" runs, and a ton of runs at MP (7:10). The regimen wasn't what I had in mind in June, but if the execution is there it is sufficient for 3:10. Any ideas for sub-3:00 or sub-7:00s I've long ago abandoned. The goals are: A - 3:10:59 (7:17); B - 3:15 (7:27); C - 3:22:28 (7:44).

My only concerns are not screwing up the pacing, "digestive" issues, and the crowds -- particularly, the crowds at the Green Start, where there will be barricades, course marshals, and construction. I've run NYRRC races with barricades at the start before and they were, invariably, cluster-f@{!s.

By the way, if anyone reads this before the race starts, head to the NYC Marathon website for a laugh. So, the race's starting at 8:10 these days? Seems they "sprung forward" rather than "falling back" on their marathon countdown clock.